About Us



Our baristas are dedicated to their trade. With global experience and best-in-class tools, their practice is exacting. Drinks are expertly crafted to the highest standard, honoring the product and its provenance.



Nyumbarista is built around conversation, engagement and community. Our space was created to be a neighborhood meeting place––a warm and welcoming respite that fosters connection between customers and our team.




Your order is in and you’re about to swipe your card… “Would you like to donate to this cause?” Awkward. Say yes and you’ve done the right thing. Say no and no matter what you’re reason is, you’ll look like a big jerk with zero compassion. You just paid $5 for a coffee and now they want more for their cause? Such social pressure, even if unintended, can easily feel hostile. This ends at Nyumbarista.

Did you know that for every cup of coffee you purchase at Nyumbarista, we will take 10% of that purchase to go towards causes in developing world countries such as providing water in Uganda, putting a roof on a school in India, buying uniforms for students in El Salvador, or providing hygiene products for prisoners in the Philippines. All you have to do is buy the cup of coffee you wanted anyways. That’s it. No additional considerations. It’s not on you. It’s on us. Buying coffee at Nyumbarista is giving to a worthy cause.